4’s/Pre-K Program

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Those children who will be four years old by September 1st may select from a M/W/F, M-TH, or M-F program.

The classes offer a 3 hr. or 5 hr. option. The 5 hr. extended day class will include a healthy organic lunch followed by an hour of enrichment. This flexible schedule allows you to choose the best program for your child and will be a school year commitment.

The Pre-K curriculum is activity centered, focusing on following multi-step directions, participating in group activities, working with a partner, and involving both the teacher and the children in the learning process.

The weekly activities focus on the “Letter of the Week” where the proper formation of the printed alphabet will be practiced and the letter sounds will be introduced using the Jolly Phonics program.  Phonics and whole language techniques will be introduced to give those who are ready the chance to begin reading. Many of these skills will be reinforced as they work on age appropriate centers during table time.  Participation in the “Star of the Week” program will also encourage thinking, speaking, and listening skills.

Math concepts will be practiced daily through games and activities planned in the classroom.  The children will also have a chance to expand their knowledge as they engage in math centers available to them.

The literature curriculum will introduce the children to storytelling and highlight authors and illustrators to instill a love of reading.  They will have an opportunity to explore writing skills and act out stories.

Students will also participate in gross motor development and creative movement.  An opportunity for both structured and unstructured physical activity will be offered each day including both inside and outside play.  The gym units will introduce basic gross motor skills, ball skills, tumbling, dance, and childhood games.

The curriculum will be supplemented with special units each month in STEM, literature, nutrition, and music appreciation.

STEM education will include activities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  The children will engage in age appropriate activities such as color mixing, magnetism, constructing, and buoyancy, etc.

Each month the children will also participate in a music unit that will introduce songs, beats, instruments, and rhythm.  They will have an opportunity to listen to a variety of music and create their own musical expression.

The health unit will provide the children with basic nutrition knowledge to promote good eating choices for a healthy diet, as well as, activities encouraging proper hand washing, exercising, and other healthy habits.  The children will have an opportunity to engage in a variety of activities revolving around the food plate, healthy food, junk foods, and making good food and health choices.

This program will provide new challenges and build self-confidence, allowing the children to reach their potential and offer them a successful transition into kindergarten.

Program Fees:

Registration – Preschool Program $100.00 (non-refundable)

Preschool Tuition – 10 Payments, August through May

Enrollment Form: 2022-23 Just For Kids Preschool Enrollment Form